Side Post

Product Name : Side post (SW-201) - For earthwork

Side Post


Standard 1700 * 120 * 40 mm
(length * width * thickness)
Material HDPE
Product configuration PE body, rubber pad, PP pillar pack, ultra-high brightness reflective sheet

Detailed explanations for products

Usage and Installation Location

Ultra-high brightness reflective sheet with excellent reflective performance is designed to be attached on the road to clearly distinguish the type of road in daytime and nighttime. Especially, it also aims for securing wide range of eyesight even in heavy rain, heavy snow, and foggy weather in order to prevent traffic accident during daytime and nighttime.


  • Cross screw shaped pillar that can reduce installation time when using the breaker (60 - 70 seconds)
  • Semi-permanent PE material that is highly resistant to external force and has excellent durability
  • Used ultra-high brightness reflective sheet, which leads to excellent durability and no concerns for damage
  • When used for long time, only the reflective body and PE parts can be replaced, which can reduce the maintenance cost by 50%.
  • Prevent 2nd damage that may occur due to damage on facility in case of vehicle collision
    - Used rubber pad that contains special steel (thickness 3T, length 33 cm) to absorb impact on the vehicle and protect the facility and vehicle
  • Product that has acquired an environmental-friendly certification and signed three-party unit price contract with the Public Procurement Service - Product that public institutions are obligated to purchase
  • Securing visibility in daytime and nighttime using ultra-high brightness reflective sheet