Flexible guide post cover

Product Name : Flexible guide post cover (SW-502)

flexible guide post cover (SW-502)


Standard Φ100×Φ80×670mm
Material Ultra-high brightness reflective sheet, tarpaulin
Product configuration Reflective sheet, tarpaulin

Detailed explanations for products

When a vehicle lane regulating bar or a reflective sheet has been aged or damaged, you can create the effect of installing a new product by using this cover.


  • Simple and easy installation process - Installation is complete by covering on the regulating bar without any particular device.
  • Inexpensive replacing cost compared to the previous vehicle lane regulating bar
  • Has excellent reflective performance, which creates reflecting effect in entire part of the vehicle lane regulating bar
  • When it is exposed to strong ultraviolet rays due to special printing, bleaching and discoloration do not occur.
  • It is manufactured to be suitable for the size of most of the vehicle lane regulating bar.
  • It does not get torn or broken in case of vehicle collision.