PE Anti- glare board

Product Name : PE Anti- glare board (SW-301)

PE Anti- glare board


Standard 690 * 290 * 40 mm
(length * width * thickness)
Material HDPE
Product configuration PE body, PP pillar pack, PP pad, ultra-high brightness reflective sheet

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Usage and Installation Location

Shading net is installed on the upper side of the median strip to block the light coming from the opposite side of the road and to secure safety for drivers in nighttime driving.


  • Has excellent shading effect compared to the steel shading net
  • Used special tightening bar to prevent damage in case of collision while transporting trees (registered as utility model)
  • Semi-permanent PE material that is highly resistant to external force and has excellent durability
  • Easy to install and reduces installation time (within 30 seconds per unit)
  • Reduce 2nd damage that may occur due to damage on facility in case of vehicle collision
  • Minimize air resistance by using resistance outlet
  • Special tightening bar that can prevent floating and damage of shading net due to air resistance (registered as utility model)
  • Securing visibility in daytime and nighttime using ultra-high brightness reflective sheet
  • Shading net can be replaced partially in case of maintenance (20% cost reduction)
  • Product that has acquired an environmental-friendly certification suitable for government policy