Solar LED Delineator

Product Name : Solar LED Delineator SW-605

Solar LED Delineator SW-605


Standard L150ⅩW110ⅩH55(mm)
Solar Cell 4W(24H)
Rechargeable battery 12V×3Ah
LED yellow(6EA)
Mode blinking

Detailed explanations for products

Product configuration

AL board, solar cell, rechargeable battery

Detailed explanations for products

  • This product has self-illuminating and reflective functions, which is effective in attracting eyesight during nighttime.
  • It is easy to identify in daytime and nighttime and the functions have been improved to be used for 24 hours.
  • Number of sunless days: approx. 7 days (number of sunless day)
  • It is automatically operated in case of sunset and sunrise using the infinite source of solar energy.
  • Functions are operated in normal conditions even in rainy season and winter or foggy weather.
  • LED semi-conductor material is used for the light bulb in the illuminating part, which makes it semi-permanent.