Rubber Lane Separator Block

Product Name : Rubber Lane Separator Block(SW-510)

Rubber Lane Separator Block


Standard L1000 × W200 × H150 × H750mm
Material block: rubber for tires,
Guide Post: TPU/td>
Product configuration Rubber block, Guide post

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Installation location

Median strip on the roads, side walk in children protection zone, no-jaywalking area, no U-turn area, lane strip on bridges, side walk strip area, and road entry lamp


  • It is a semi-permanent product that has used a waste tire, which makes it environmentally-friendly, durable, and resistant to abrasion
  • It has used rubber tire material to absorb the impact in case of vehicle collision in order to minimize the damage due to impact and collision between vehicle and drivers.
  • By using solar LED sticker (ordered separately), it has secured visibility for daytime and nighttime and maximized drivers' safety