New top

Product Name : New Top (SW-401)

New Top (SW-401)


Standard 1150*Φ100*400 mm
(length*diameter*diameter of the supporter), 7 kg
Material LLDPE
Product configuration LLDPE body, rubber supporter

Detailed explanations for products

Usage and Installation Location

Easy to install in the temporary construction site such as work site and emergency repairing site

Installed at the temporary vehicle lane where tollgate and vehicle lane regulating bar cannot be used


  • Has the portable handle and the body and rubber supporter are separated, which makes it easy for transporting
  • Has the weight 5 times heavier when compared to the general rubber cone, which makes it resistant against vehicles
  • Used 22 cm width ultra-high brightness reflective sheet to secure visibility for daytime and nighttime driving
  • Easy to install and disassemble, which can reduce installation time and facilitate loading
  • Used rubber supporter that is resistant to vehicle collision, which makes it resistant to collision with vehicles, while not interfering with vehicle driving
  • Chain is used to connect between the products, which makes it effective to be installed in the long construction site
  • Body or rubber supporter can be partially replaced in case of maintenance, which can save cost (20% cost reduction)