Delineator (SW-202)

Product Name : Delineator (SW-202) - For guard rail and retaining wall

Delineator (SW-202)


Standard 380 * 120 * 40 mm
(length * width * thickness)
Material HDPE
Product configuration PE body, PP pillar pack, ultra-high brightness reflective sheet

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Usage and Installation Location

Ultra-high brightness reflective sheet with excellent reflective performance is designed to be attached on the road to clearly distinguish the type of road in daytime and nighttime. Especially, it also aims for securing wide range of eyesight even in heavy rain, heavy snow, and foggy weather in order to prevent traffic accident during daytime and nighttime.


  • Used special pillar pack that can reduce installation time when installed on the guard rail or retaining wall (60 - 70 seconds)
  • Ultra-high brightness reflective sheet that can prevent damage by shock and economical product that only has to replace the reflective sheet
  • Used special pillar pack to overcome impact and has no risk of damage when compared to the circular type delineator
  • PE part can be replaced, which can save the maintenance cost
  • Has excellent durability
  • Product price is least expensive
  • Product that has acquired an environmental-friendly certification and signed three-party unit price contract with the Public Procurement Service.