Flexible Delineator

Product Name : Delineator (SW-204) - For guard rail and retaining wall

Delineator (SW-204)


Standard ∅100 (mm)Ⅹ100Ⅹ70Ⅹ177 mm
Material Polyurethane (TPU)
Product configuration Polyurethane body + Ultra-high brightness reflective sheet
Shape Single side and both sides for concrete protective wall

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Usage and Installation Location

Attached ultra-high brightness reflective sheet (3M) with excellent reflective performance on the glare reducing net in the median strip to secure visibility for daytime and nighttime and indicate the shape of roads.


  • Semi-permanent product made in polyurethane material to prevent damage in case of vehicle collision and snow removing work
  • Used ultra-high brightness reflective sheet to maintain highest level of reflective performance and to prevent damage from external force
  • Unlike the general reflective sheet, damage does not occur to the reflective part after installation, which enables it to maintain certain level of reflective performance